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[강연] 홍기웅 원장님 강의 스케쥴


Lecture schedule at IMCAS Asia 2022 in Bangkok (2022.9.30~10.1)


Lecture schedule at Hugel Aztec Symphosium in Bangkok (2022.9.30)


Anatomical consideration for Letybotulinum toxin injection 


Lecture schedule at S.Thepharm Symphosium in Bangkok (2022.10.1)

1. Rheological Properties of QTFILL PLUS which is HA Filler Based on Efficient Physical Cross-linking & Constant Filler Particles

2. How to Improve Facial Contouring & Volumization with Lifting Effect Using the Combination Treatment of QTFILL (HA Filler) & QTL (PDO Threads)


Lecture schedule at GAIN JPAC 2022 in Bangkok (2022.10.14~15) 

1. Live Demonstration for 3D Profile Case Patient 

 - Assessment for 3D Profile Case Patient 

 - Treatment Plan for 3D Profile Case Patient 

 - Live Injection Demo for 3D Profile Case Patient 

2. Video Demonstration for Chin and Jawline of Male Patient

- Show Different Techniques (Tips and Tricks)